About Us

Randall Karstetter began programming in 1976 on a Data General minicomputer using the programming language MUMPS.  In 1980 he became Supervisor of Computer Operations of the Swedish Hospital Laboratory of Pathology in Seattle, WA.  In 1984 he was contracted by HCA to install a laboratory computer system in a military hospital (King Fahad National Guard Hospital) and in 1987 again in the Kingdom's premier hospital (King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  When the war broke out 1990, Randall came back to the States and in January 1991 purchased a computer service company in Kirkland, Washington which he named COMPUTRONICS.  COMPUTRONICS provided computer repair, repair of computer peripheral equipment (monitors, printers, and other devices), networking (Novell and later Microsoft), mail system setup and maintenance, network security and intrusion detection, web site development, programming (Point of Sale, inventory and ad hoc business support programs), data recovery, backup and recovery systems (tape, local drive and online), virus and malware removal and later computer forensics.  He first started writing declarations in court cases in 1998 and first testified as an expert in court in 2002. 

In 2016 Randall transitioned his company into only performing forensics and created Data Forensics Lab which uses his past experience as a clinical laboratory scientist to apply the same scientific principles, quality control and innovative research to the field of data forensics as is used in the medical field.  In the medical field Randall did work that saved people's lives.  He considers work in the data forensics field to be just as important which therefore requires the same standards of scientific procedure. 

Due to the many years of experience in practically every phase of computers and networks, Randall has become a recognized and respected digital forensic expert who has testified in U.S. Western District Court (Seattle and Tacoma), King County Superior Court, Snohomish County Superior Court, Pierce County Superior Court, Kitsap County Superior Court, Yakima County Superior Court, Chelan County Superior Court, Clark County Superior Court and Kent District Court.  Randall has provided expert services for criminal defense, criminal prosecution, plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases (with particular interest in medical cases) and Washington Department of Health Medical Licensing and Quality Assurance investigations.  Randall was president of the Computer Technology Investigators Network (CTIN.org), a non-profit organization of over 300 police, private, corporate and academic forensic investigators in the Northwest, for seven years and is currently a Board Member and Honorary Life Member.  In addition to providing computer and digital forensics services, Randall is committed to education and independent research to further the knowledge of forensics in order to advance the science of digital forensics so that the truth may be found.